How do I get CCDE Certification

How do I get CCDE Certification

How do I get CCDE Certification
The Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) certification is an advanced certification from Cisco Systems that validates the skills and knowledge of network professionals in network design.
The CCDE certification is designed for experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of network design principles and best practices and are able to design and implement complex network infrastructures.
To obtain CCDE certification, candidates must pass both a written exam and a practical exam that assesses their ability to design and implement real-world network scenarios.

What is the CCDE certification?

The CCDE certification is widely recognized in the industry and highly valued by network professionals.
CCDE certificate holders should have experience in network infrastructure design, including IP addressing and routing, security, and network virtualization.
They are also expected to be familiar with the latest network technologies such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).
Overall, the CCDE certification is a valuable qualification for network professionals looking to advance their careers and demonstrate their expertise in network design.

Introduction on How do I get CCDE Certification:

If you are a networking professional looking to expand your skills and demonstrate your expertise in network design, the CCDE (Cisco Certified Design Expert) certification is a great way to achieve your goals.
The CCDE certification is designed to test your ability to design and implement complex network infrastructure and is highly regarded in the industry.
However, the certification process can be challenging and requires extensive training and experience.
In this answer we will go over the steps required for CCDE certification including prerequisites, exams and ongoing maintenance requirements.
How do I get CCDE Certification
How do I get CCDE Certification

To become a CCDE (Cisco Certified Design Expert),

follow these steps:


Must hold current Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) certifications or current Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certifications.

Passing the CCDE Written Exam:

The first step is to pass the CCDE Written Exam, which tests your knowledge and skills in the principles, theory, and best practices of network design.
The exam consists of multiple choice questions and you have 120 minutes to complete it.

Passing the CCDE Practice Exam:

After passing the written exam, you must take the CCDE practice exam, which tests your ability to design complex network infrastructures.
This exam is an eight-hour hands-on laboratory test that assesses your skills in real-life scenarios.

Maintain Your Certification:

To maintain your CCDE certification, you must earn 120 Continuing Education Credits (CEC) every three years.
You can earn CEC points by attending Cisco events, completing online training, or publishing technical articles or books.
It should be noted that obtaining the CCDE certification is not easy and requires a lot of preparation, commitment and experience.
Therefore, before taking the exams, consider taking training, reading the official Cisco certification guide, and practicing real-world design scenarios.
Updated CCDE presentation Earning a current CCDE certification validates your ability to design and implement complex enterprise network solutions.
To obtain the CCDE, there are two exams:
first, a proficiency exam covering the core technologies and skills needed to be a network designer, and then an 8-hour practical exam covering solution design and architecture of a business network,
by analyzing requirements and requirements and creating design Decisions are based on various factors such as robustness or costs.


Take the CCDE written qualification exam (400-007) which emphasizes understanding and skills in network design and technology.
How to translate business and technical requirements into functional specifications and business strategy is also crucial.
The proficiency test will help you become a Cisco Specialist so your achievements are recognized.


Pass the 8-hour CCDE v3.0 practical exam.
This exam includes several scenarios from which the candidate can choose one.
In addition to validating core technologies of enterprise architecture also offers the possibility of incorporating topics from the field.
The CCDE v3. 0 practice exam is administered at Cisco Certification Centers.

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