Seun Kuti net worth and biography 2023

Seun Kuti net worth and biography 2023

Seun Kuti net worth and biography 2023

Seun Kuti net worth and biography 2023
Seun Kuti net worth and biography 2023

Seun Kuti Biography

Oluseun Anikulapo Kuti, Fela Kuti’s youngest child, was born in 11 january 1983. At the age of five, he developed a passion for music, and by the time he was nine years old, he had begun performing with his father’s band, Egypt 80.

After Fela Kuti’s passing in 1997, Seun Kuti assumed leadership of Egypt 80.

The group issued an album titled Many Things in 2008. Sean Kuti & Egypt 80’s debut album was made available under that name.

On their 2010 album Entren los que quieran, Calle 13’s song “Todo se mueve” (Everything Moves) features him.

Seun Kuti received an honourable invitation to the Industry Nite in 2014 when he made his debut live performance.

In 2019, Kuti was a featured guest on 85 to Africa; the second album by American rapper Jidenna. In June, Kuti was featured in the Visual Collaborative electronic catalogue, under the Polaris series, he was interviewed on Pan-African awareness, his country and music.

Seun Kuti Scandal in 2023

On Tuesday, 16th May 2023, Seun Kuti was arraigned in court for allegedly assaulting a police officer. This was followed by a video that surfaced online during the weekend that saw Seun being confrontational with an unarmed policeman on a busy Lagos highway.

In a tweet, Seun Kuti claimed that the officer had tried to harm him and his family without giving details of the alleged plot.

The Nigerian police filed a case against him, requesting the court grant them access to detain him for 21 days. However, according to Seun Kuti’s lawyer, Femi Falana, the court gave the NPF 48 hours to grant his bail.

On Monday, Seun Kuti turned himself in after Nigeria’s national police chief ordered his arrest. According to Nigerian laws, Seun Kuti could be facing a 3-year jail term if found guilty of assaulting a police officer.


Net Worth $5 Million
Age 40
Born January 11, 1983
Profession Singer
Country Nigeria
Salary (Annual) $500,000
Last Updated 2023


Early Life

Oluseun Anikulapo Kuti was born on January 11th, 1983, in Lagos, Nigeria. His father Fela Kuti is a legendary Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer. Thanks to his father’s work in music, Seun developed his passion for music at the age of only 5.

Later, he began performing in his father’s band “Egypt 80” when he was 9 years old. Seun lost his father in 1997 and since then he became the lead singer of the band.


Ethnicity, religion & political views

Many people are interested in learning Seun Kuti’s race, ethnicity, and nationality. Kuti participated actively in the Occupy Nigeria protests against the fuel subsidy removal policy of President Goodluck Jonathan in his country Nigeria in January 2012. Seun Kuti is an atheist.

According to Seun Kuti: “The only religion in Africa with a unified doctrine is the Traditional African Religion, yet it is evil. The imported religion does not even accept among themselves what their god says to do or doesn’t do, and they’re the good guys. I am happy I am an atheist.”

In 2019, on Jidenna’s 85 to Africa album Kuti voiced an outro of a song with the words:

“I believe it’s time for an African peoples powered highway. A highway that will connect the Diaspora and Motherland. A global highway for African people all over the world to rediscover themselves. To remember that the only thing that unites black people, globally, the only thing we all have in common is that we are from Africa”.

In November 2020, he led the revival of his father’s defunct political party – Movement of the People – with the intention of registering it with Nigeria’s electoral body



Seun Kuti teamed up with his band and dropped his first album “Many Things” in 2008 under the moniker Sean Kuti & Egypt 80. They followed that up by releasing another project “From Africa With Fury: Rise” in 2011.


Seun Kuti Net worth in 2023

Seun Kuti is one of the richest Saxophonist and listed on most popular Saxophonist. According to Forbes and Business Insider, Seun Kuti‘s net worth $5 Million.

He performed with Egypt 80 as a vocalist when he was young and began to lead the band at the age of fourteen after his father passed away.

In 2014, Seun Kuti was given an honorary invitation to perform live for the first time at the Industry Nite.

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