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Learn how to survive a Hangover

Learn how to survive a Hangover

It’s so simple to get “over served” when the sun is out, the energy is strong, and we look cute. LOL. No, it’s never our fault.

We decided to put up our favorite methods to make being hungover a little more bearable with Memorial Day just around the corner (by the way, stalk these items for a fun holiday weekend).

But first, let’s talk about some preventative measures you can take to ward off a hangover.

Learn how to survive a Hangover
Learn how to survive a Hangover

How to Avoid a Hangover

Drink low sugar bevs

Sugary drinks will 100% give you a headache. This happens because of blood sugar levels rapidly changing and it can trigger a headache. You should love or Liquor Hubfor low sugar, healthier options.


Eating before you start having some drinks can decrease the speed at which your body absorbs alcohol. This is good. This helps your blood alcohol level stay lower than it would without food. Here are some of our protein-rich favorite snacks to eat before a drinking session that won’t weigh you down:

+ avocado toast (add chilli flakes & pickled jalepeños if you like it spicy)

+ 2 boiled eggs and a piece of sourdough toast w/ grassfed butter

+ 1 cup of greek yogurt OR cottage cheese with berries or cucumbers.

Take water and more water

We all know this. Another helpful tip is to have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink. Keeping hydrated will help you avoid a hangover and can help you drink way less if you’re taking a ‘water break.’ Plus, isn’t a Stanleyas much of an accessory as a handbag now?

Learn how to survive a Hangover
Learn how to survive a Hangover

Also, add enough ice

Ever heard of la piscine de Champagne? It’s French and translates to swimming pool. Essentially, you drink Champagne in a big wine glass but add ice.

Always be adding ice. This way you stay hydrated, your drink stays cold, you get a little buzz on but you don’t get sloppy wasted.

Keep doing this with little top ups, whether you’re into Champagne, Prosecco, white wine spritzers or whatever. This works, trust us.

Ditch the straw

We love a silicone straw in our cocktail but hear us out. Straws make you drink way more. Just think about it.

This is great for water and supplement concoctions, but not so good if it’s making you slam skinny margs twice as fast.

Ditching a straw will make you take smaller sips and let the ice from your drink get in the way, which is a good thing. We know this sounds crazy, but we promise it’ll make you drink slower and help you savour your cocktail more.

How to Survive a Hangover

So let’s say you didn’t follow any of the above. Or maybe you did, but things were too fun, the music was too good, you just couldn’t stop. It happens. We get it & we got you.


No, not those kind of drinks. We’re not into the whole ‘hair of the dog’ thing. It’s time to pump yourself up with absolutely anything that’ll make you feel better. For this, we like:

  • Athletic Greens
  • Alkamind Aminos
  • LMNT electrolytes

If you can manage it, we highly recommend a taking your drink on the go and trying to get some movement and daylight for at least 10 minutes. This is not something you’ll regret. It’ll get things moving and at least you’ve gotten out of the house.

Also, during Lauryn’s recent trip to Mexico, she’s been taking Fuller Health After Party and so far no hangovers. This stuff contains dihydromyricetin which breaks down the toxic by-product of alcohol. It’s very impressive. Check out more


Have you heard that when you’re hungover you should eat a greasy breakfast to ‘soak up’ all the alcohol? You should know this is a myth.

Things don’t work like that. The alcohol has already been digested and there’s no stopping it now. However, we recommend eating something fresh, filling and nutritious.

You’ll feel better, we promise. Here are some of our favorite hangover meals:

  • a refreshing smoothie (try this one)
  • 2 poached eggs with arugula on toast
  • veggies and hummus, throw in some crackers and cheese for fun

These keep things healthy, light and fresh. Sipping on some bone broth never hurt a flea either. But hey, if you were really looking forward to that hungover In & Out burger, go for it & enjoy.

shower and get dressed

This will change your whole day. Take a shower, wash your hair, use a refreshing body wash, and major bonus if you can put the water on cold for the last 3 minutes.

This will wake you the fuck up and give you a big burst of energy. Get dressed in a cute sweatsuit or leggings and your emotional support hoodie. You will feel better starting the day clean and in fresh clothes.

ice facial

It’s exactly what it sounds like! Grab a bowl of water, throw in a few handfuls of ice cubes, wait a minute and dunk. Keep your face in the water for as long as you can, come up for some air and repeat.

This will help you depuff, reduce redness and wake you the fuck up. If you just can’t even leave your couch, keep your HOT MESS Ice Roller in the ice bowl instead.

This will keep your roller nice and cold so you can have a rolly roll whenever you can manage to lift your arm. LOL.

HOT TIP: keep a face mask or eye masks in the fridge and ice roll over it. You’ll never look back.

Learn how to survive a Hangover
Learn how to survive a Hangover

settle in

Hangover days can be just what we need sometimes and dare we say…fun? Things are go go go all the time so a hangover day can be a good opportunity to just chill.

Grab a blanket, choose a show to binge, order food, invite your hungover bestie, cuddle with your pet, and just relax.

this too shall pass

We all know that alcohol and a poor or short sleep is a recipe for anxiety and low mood. If this sounds like you after a night out with a little too much to drink, just know, it will pass. It might take one good night’s sleep, or two, but it will pass and you will feel normal soon.

We hope these tips for avoiding and surviving a hangover will help you this coming weekend, and every long weekend after that. It is summer time after all. What are your ride or die hangover cures? Tell us below.

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