What to see in Bryan BBN Biography

What to see in Bryan BBN Biography

In this article, we are going to discuss the Bryan BBN biography, net worth, career, and early life. Netizens might wonder and ponder on what to see in Bryan BBN’s Biography as stated, there is more about Bryan that most people are about to discover. Ok, most do not know about his girlfriend because he kept it a secret but thanks to our research on him you will get to know his personal life on this blog.

Brian Chukuwuebuka Chiji, aka Bryann Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2022 season 7 ‘Level Up’ housemate and contestant, is a young and fast-rising singer and songwriter hoping to break firmly into the Nigerian music industry.

What to see in Bryan BBN Biography
What to see in Bryan BBN Biography

After appearing on the BBNaija reality show in July 2022, he quickly rose to internet fame. Here, we provide you with information on BBNaija Bryann’s biography, net worth, and career so you can get to know him personally.

Bryan BBN biography:

Bryan BBN was born and named Brian Chukwuebuka Chiji, on the month of August 1998 to Mr and Mrs Chijioke in Lagos State of Nigeria where he grew up. According to sources, he was born in one of the best private hospitals in Lagos, and a well-organized naming ceremony was done immediately after his birth.

The name ‘Chukwuebuka’ is of the Igbo tribe which means ‘God is great’ and his surname ‘Chiji’ is also Igbo coined from the name of his parents Chijioke.

He is the first child of his parents who are divorced now and has only one sister as a sibling who is still younger.

Brian is closer to his mother and hails from the Imo state of Nigeria but spent part of his teenage life in Ogun state due to his Academics.

BBNaija Bryan started writing music in his secondary school, but he did it secretly. His close friends and family were unaware of his singing ability at the start of his music career. He frequently wrote songs in the comfort of his bedroom during his free time.

Early Life and Education:

Bryan BBN completed his primary education in one of the best private schools in Lagos. He received his high school education at Emerald High School. He graduated from Babcock University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

BBNaija Bryan’s singing and songwriting skills have improved by the time he got accepted into the institution. He made the decision to pursue music as a career and started doing live shows in Lagos and Ogun State. In order to promote some of the songs he released during this time, he also went to radio stations.

He enjoys meeting new people, going out to parties, and seeing movies despite being down to earth and at times reserved. “I would describe myself as an extrovert, a hybrid of the introvert and extrovert personalities, he claims.


On February 26, 2021, Bryan released his official debut song, Longé. Making versions of well-known songs helped him become an internet phenomenon. The song’s music video was published the same day.

He made a renowned cover of Blaqbonez’s Bling, which he released in May 2021. This helped him gain greater recognition as fans acknowledged his musical ability.

In September 2021, he performed as a guest performer on DJ Kaywise’s online series Joor Party. In October 2021, he made a special appearance on the Glitch Africa show and gave a live performance of some of his tracks.

In December 2021, he performed as a guest performer at the Trópico Acapulco in Mexico. At the concert, he performed in front of thousands of people.

That performance at the Trópico Acapulco in Mexico is arguably one of his ever performances outside Nigeria and his first in front of thousands who do not really understand English or his lyrics but enjoyed his performance due to his sound rhythm.

BBNaija Bryan dropped his debut project, Ileke, in December 2021. The project is a 7-track EP featuring songs Shokoto, Kerewa, Sarewagba, Andale, Jetan (Pant Off), Jegede, and Longé.

BBNaija Bryann was introduced as one of the housemates in the Big Brother Naija TV series on July 23, 2022.

What to see in Bryan BBN Biography
What to see in Bryan BBN Biography

Relationship of Bryan BBN:

BBNaijaBryan looks very young, and handsome, and is dark-skinned in complexion. He wears a dreadlocks hairdo which trips a lot of Nigerian girls and you can bet that he’s got a pack of girls cos of his cuteness.

Bryan is very confident and believes in himself that he can get any girl of his choice with his dancing skills and charismatic personality, you can say that again because he loves meeting new friends.

He tried as much to keep his relationship life secret but a lady’s man cannot really hold on for long despite stating that he has no girlfriend or wife but he is rumored to be in a relationship with Daniella.

Net worth:

Bryan makes a solid living off of his discography and by performing at events as a rising star singer in Nigeria.

The current estimation of Naija Bryan’s net worth is $40,000. It is a very important section of Bryan BBN biography.

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