Best 10 Apps to Sell, Buy and Trade Cryptocurrency in Africa

Top 10 Exchange Apps to Sell, Buy and Trade Cryptocurrency in Africa are highlighted here.

Best apps to trade cryptocurrencies in Africa

Africa stands as one of the major continent that contribute to the biggest cryptocurrency market in the world, however, this is night be caused by inflation rate. 

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Financially, cryptos investment are arguably one of the quickest methods to gain assets and build wealth on the Blockchain. In addition to that, it gives Africa B2B payment method platforms space and provides learning tools for crypto-enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies constantly remains volatile and that’s one of the major reason regionals Government discouraged it. In excess, Nigerian Government has already discontinued and totally banned the use and activities of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies asset.

But despite all the vehement disagreement used against cryptocurrency activities, many individuals still use crypto to manage their assets, settle bills, and infact, used by SMEs to settle payments. In addition, despite the pushback, some countries (like Central Africa Republic and El Salvador) still adopt cryptocurrency as legal tender in their regions.

So, for those of you that still make use of cryptocurrencies in one way or the other, it’s good to choose a secure and reliable platform to help you hold and manage your coins and complete trades and exchanges when needed.

There so many crypto exchange platform you can choose from. Each of these crypto platforms are available in web and in app and have offices in Africa. Also they have a large trading and exchange vol on a daily basis. However, as many as those crypto trading apps are, there are also plenty of scam apps among them in the crypto market. This is where this article come in to show you the best and top 10 crypto-apps to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency in Africa countries especially in Nigeria and Ghana.

We’ve done thorough and extensive research to come up with these reliable options and here are the summary of the best apps to trade cryptocurrencies in Africa; Luno, Patricia, Binance, Coinbase Pro, Quidax, Coincola, Paxful, BuyCoin, YellowCard and BitFXT.

Apps to Sell, Buy and Trade Cryptocurrency in Africa.


As one of the scam-free crypto trading app, Luno is majorly customized for Africans. It was launched in 2013 in Singapore.

Luno - crypto trading app

Luno app has a very clean interface that boost user experience in the dashboard. Like crypto trading app, Luno plays with the most popular coins in the crypto market game, such as Bitcoin BTC, Litcoin, Ethereum ETH, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, USDT, Chainlink, Uniswap and More.

In addition to that, Luno provides interest to your savings as an incentive and you can also automate trades and investment as you wish. Luno also offers trading at zero transactions fee.

Luno is majorly based in Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and other major 40 countries in Africa and rest of the world. The cryptocurrency trading platform has a daily trading volume of over $18.62Millions per day.


Patricia claimed to be the only crypto solution you’ll ever need. Meanwhile, Patricia offers its services in Estonia – Europe, but the crypto trading app focus mainly on Africa countries.

Patricia - top app for crypto trading in Africa.

Patricia is a cryptocurrency exchange platform app that uses Bitcoin BTC as a currency in Africa. And this currency can be used on Patricia app to buy airtime and data (Refill), pay utility bills like electricity bill, and pay other bills directly from your Patricia wallet. In excess, Patricia is an alternative payment methods that uses crypto for everyday transactions.

The most amazing aspect of Patricia app is that, it offers service called OTC. The Over The Counter trading is for high end individuals who would want Instant and quick liquidity for bulk trades. Patricia OTC market is available via WhatsApp, Telegram and Email.

You can use any of the media for your OTC trading at Patricia and currencies accepted are Nigeria Naira, Ghana Cedis and South Africa Rands.


This platform is the most popular crypto trading exchange in the world and one of the most well-known Blockchain Networks and crypto-assets exchange in Africa.

Binance - best cryptocurrency trading platform in Africa

Binance app is simple, fast and easy to navigate for beginners. At-least 80 percent of the world’s crypto trader has traded on Binance App. The cryptocurrency trading platform average daily trading volume is estimated to $38.31Millions.

One of the major benefits of choosing Binance is that it support more than 600 coins and about 380 pairs which gives you a varieties of options to choose based on your preference.

Furthermore, Binance Exchange provides different many options in app, some of them are P2P, NFT Trading, Margin, Strategy Training, Spot, Swap Farming and lots more.

In addition to Binance NFT, the crypto trading app wallet is categorized as one of the best compactible nft wallet. This due to it support (Ethereum) Blockchain Networks.

Aside the fact that the crypto trading app support 40 plus currencies with 30 plus languages/regions, Binance also offers cryptocurrency loans and Visa card to help you carry out transactions anywhere in the world.

Binance App is available on the playstore and app store. Meanwhile, you can prefer to stick using the web version.

Coinbase Pro

This app is one of the most advance cryptocurrency trading platform trusted by individual and businesess to carryout their day to day transactions.

Coinbase Pro - crypto trading app in Africa

Coinbase Pro support trading of different coins on the platform. It also provides self-hosted wallet and debit card service that allows spend your assets or earn and store rewards.

Apart from borrow cash by using Bitcoin or other coins as collateral, Coinbase Pro also let you create and connect wallet to marketplace for NFT trading.

Not only that, businesses can list their asset online, raise money for startups, power their compliance and lots more on Coinbase Pro Cryptocurrency Exchange App.

In addition, there are special feature available for developers; Coinbase Pro API and Wallet SDK which are used for commerce to collect any form cryptocurrency payment on their online retail store.

However, there are certain fees that are applicable to these services which are largely dependent on your trading volume and type of transactions you perform.


Quidax is another app to sell, buy and trade cryptocurrency in Africa. This platform was launched in 2018 with aim to enables businesess and fintech companies to provides crypto-related services to the customers. Individuals too are allowed buy, send, receive, store and sell cryptocurrencies.

Quidax - app for trading cryptocurrency in Africa

Infact, Quidax became the first crypto exchange app to be listed on CoinMaeketCap. Among others top listed best crypto trading app in Africa, Quidax also have a user’s friendly interface which is easy to navigate and beginners friendly.

In addition to Quidax benefits, customers are not charged any transaction fees no matter how large or type of trading you do.


This app is a P2P cryptocurrency trading platform in Africa.

Coincola - crypto trading app in Africa

Coincola is a Hong Kong based cryptocurrency exchange company but highly focus it goal on African countries. This P2P trading platform offers OTC trading (or market), Exchange trading (or market) and Giftcard trading.

On Coincola App, you can connect with different (especially Chinese) to exchange your unused giftcard with cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT etc.

You can also become a cryptocurrency or giftcard vendor on Coincola App but certain term and conditions are applied. You will be required to have a minimum BTC asset of 0.005 in your OTC wallet for you to post an AD for “BUY”. For more enquiry on Coincola Vendors Requirements, you can visit their website.

Apart from that, Coincola offers wallets in different categories for different trading benefits on the platforms. Wallet offers are OTC wallet, Exchange Wallets and Margin Wallets.


The most popular P2P cryptocurrency trading platform in Africa.

Paxful - app for trading cryptocurrency in Africa

Paxful and Coincola are nearly the same. The differents between them are; Coincola support more coins trading while paxful only support three (3) which they are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. Paxful transactions are higher than Coincola’s.

However, to become a vendor on Paxful is much easier than Coincola because the minimum amount required in your wallet to become a Giftcard Vendor or Crypto Vendor is X10 lesser.

And also, Paxful referral features is far better than that of Coincola.

Paxful offers services like buying, selling, exchanging and trading of cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and TETHER. The crypto trading app also provides easy to access wallet what its OTC trading (or market), Exchange trading (or market) and different wallet for user’s referral earnings.


This crypto trading platform is among the top apps to sell, buy and trade cryptocurrency in Africa. This platform was launched in 2017 as Bitkoin Afrikan but later rebranded to BuyCoins Africa in 2018.

BuyCoins Africa - App for trading cryptocurrency in Africa

Apart from the usual activities of crypto trading apps – buying and selling of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, USDT etc. BuyCoins also allow its users to buy and sell US shares such as Amazon, Microsoft or Tesla shares.

In addition to BuyCoins benefits, the crypto trading app provides secure wallet for all supported cryptocurrencies on the platform. The wallet also enables transparent payment options.

BuyCoins Africa App also have a good user’s friendly interface and easy to navigate dashboard for beginners. 

Yellow Card

This platform is one of the top app to trade cryptocurrencies in Africa. The crypto exchange app is Fast and easy to use with an average score in terms of user’s privacy.

Yellow Card - crypto trading app in Africa

Yellow Card is available in Nigeria, Botswana and South Africa. This crypto trading app offers instant transactions with low fees and competitive rates. For Instance, Yellow Card charges N50 for instant bank transfers and 1.5 percent plus N100 for debit card transaction when buying. For instant withdrawal, it charges a flat rate of N100.

In addition to the benefits or advantages, Yellow Card provides multiple payment methods and support transactions in fiat currencies like Dollar, Naira, Rands and Pula.


This is the last on out top apps to trade cryptocurrency in Africa. NairaEX is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in Nigeria.

NairaEX - crypto trading app in Africa

As the implies “Naira”, that’s vivid enough to show that the crypto trading app is based in Nigeria. However, the platform support several payment methods including Nigeria Naira. For instance, users can buy Bitcoin or other supported coins with bank transfer, cash deposit or perfect money.

Currently, NairaEX support crypto assets; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin and Bitcoin Cash. There are no additional trading fees for buying or selling any cryptocurrency on NairaEX.

Yeap, I have shared my top ten (10) rated crypto exchange apps to trade (buy and sell) cryptocurrencies in Africa. I hope you love and find this recommendations truly useful? Please share in the comment section if there’s anything you think should be added on the list.

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