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How to apply for Best Census Bureau Careers 2023

Census workers are employees of the United States Federal government, specifically working for the US Census Bureau.

Who is a Census Bureau Worker?

You need to understand the career of a census worker before even learning how to apply for best census bureau careers 2023.

How to apply for Best Census Bureau Careers 2023
How to apply for Best Census Bureau Careers 2023

A census worker is an employee of the US Census Bureau who carries out routine tasks in both office and field settings to gather demographic, housing, and other statistical information from predetermined neighborhood areas.

Their abilities, however, can also be used by the federal government for other tasks besides the general census, such as managing various surveys and disseminating precise data on various topics that might influence the public.

Additionally, when polls are highly prized during the nation’s numerous elections, this may be in high demand.

Explore How to apply for Best Census Bureau Careers 2023

There is no detailed information available from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding the employment of different census workers.

However, it should be emphasized that, compared to other occupations, the overall employment of statisticians is anticipated to grow by 33% between 2019 and 2029.

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For some temporary occupations, it is hard to make a prognosis because they are in high demand just twice in a decade which is why you need to be informed to know when and how to apply for Best Census Bureau Careers 2023.

The Census Bureau is made up of creative and skilled individuals who are enthusiastic about their jobs. Almost every element of American life is surveyed, in addition to the census that is taken every 10 years.

Duties of a Census Bureau Worker

There are number of essential duties that must be performed as you learn how to apply for best census bureau careers 2023 detailed below:

  • Conduct research in assigned areas after reviewing field site and establishing an effective route for travel.
  • Conduct interviews with residents in the neighborhood and assist them with completing a census form accurately.
  • Interact with residents by helping them interpret the census form and answering any questions regarding the details needed for census taking.
  • Update or correct any discrepancies in existing census data, e.g. if a house is no longer occupied or cannot be considered a household.


Available Careers

Let’s take you to the most likely available careers below:

1. Emerging Technology Fellowship

We’re seeking for team members who are curious and eager to have a positive effect for the long term. To address some of the most urgent government data concerns of the twenty-first century, Emerging Technology Fellows bring an entrepreneurial mindset and expertise in emerging technologies.

You might be a wonderful candidate for the Emerging Technology Fellowship if you enjoy a challenge, have shown leadership in your profession, and want to put your skills to use on high-impact initiatives.

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How to apply for Best Census Bureau Careers 2023
How to apply for Best Census Bureau Careers 2023

We’re looking for purpose-driven technologists and innovators to join this unique fellowship experience with xD. The Emerging Technology Fellowship (ETF) recruits the best and brightest technologists with expertise in emerging data technology trends to build a better government for everyone.

Base Salary: $112,890 – $146,757*


2. Information Technology Specialist (Product Manager)

Do you want to work within a group of energetic, creative agents?

How to apply for Best Census Bureau Careers 2023
How to apply for Best Census Bureau Careers 2023

The Center for Enterprise Dissemination Services Consumer Innovation (CEDSCI) program of the Census Bureau is dedicated on enhancing client satisfaction and optimizing internal workflow related to dissemination activities.

In order to fulfill the expanding demands in a world where information is expected to be instantly accessible and simple to locate, CEDSCI is tasked with establishing an enterprise-wide approach in developing novel data dissemination tools and capabilities and creating a dissemination platform.

Base Salary: $148,484 – $176,300*


How to Apply

You must make inquiries at the census office that is most conveniently located for your neighborhood or town if you want to work as a census worker.

The majority of pertinent information needed to create and submit a job application is available online.

The US Census Bureau requires at least a college degree for full-time employment, but the qualifications for temporary work vary depending on the region and job responsibilities.

Candidates must pass a 30-minute employee selection test, which consists of roughly 28 questions and measures the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform census positions.

Your reading comprehension, information-recording ability, math capabilities, and clerical work will all be given particular consideration in the test’s questions.

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Although the test is not particularly difficult, it can be difficult if you are not familiar with the ideas. Practice exams are a useful tool for overcoming any obstacles in this regard.

You should be aware that you might be the subject of a background check before being employed as a permanent employee at the Census Bureau because of the fact that workers have access to sensitive information while doing their duties.

It is crucial to uphold your confidentially throughout your life because infractions could result in jail time or costly fines.

Apply to the Fellowship

2023 Cohort

Applications must include your resume and be emailed to: [email protected]. Please include the subject line “Emerging Technology Fellowship Application.”


Consider a job with the Census Bureau. Learn how to apply for best census bureau careers 2023 in a position where you may gather or analyze important data that will have a significant impact on the lives of millions of Americans.

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