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How to download youtube video faster in 30 seconds

Here, we will teach you how to download youtube video faster in 30 seconds and make you understand the term YOUTUBE.

Firstly, what is youtube? Youtube is the largest search engine in the world and is currently the second-largest search engine on the planet.

Do you know how to download YouTube Shorts Videos? If not, you’ve come to the correct place. After reading this piece in its entirety, you will understand how to download YouTube Shorts Videos online.

A fantastic feature for producing quick videos with YouTube applications is YouTube Shorts and learning how to download youtube video faster in 30 seconds will be good news if you have been trying and failing.

How to download youtube video faster in 30 seconds
How to download youtube video faster in 30 seconds

Overview: How to download youtube video faster in 30 seconds 

A feature that lets users make their own brief videos right within YouTube was just made available by YouTube, and it works just like Tiktok.

Google also introduced a service called YouTube Shorts in response to the success of short video sharing websites like TikTok, Moj, and Instagram Reels.

A YouTube producer can record and upload 15-second or less long videos here.

Normally, YouTube allows users to download videos for offline watching, but alas, YouTube Shorts do not yet support this capability which is why you need to learn how to download youtube video faster in 30 seconds.

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How to download YouTube video faster in 30 seconds

These are the possible steps on how to download youtube video faster in 30 seconds:

  1. Launch the YouTube app on your smartphone.
  2. Go to the Youtube Shorts section. It will be close to the home icon on the bottom page.
  3. Click the sharing icon and select “Copy link.”
  4. Launch a browser that allows downloading after that.
  5. Go to Shortsnoob and paste the YouTube Shorts video URL into the box labelled “Paste your video link here.”
  6. To see the YouTube Short video formats that are available for download, select Search and scroll down.
  7. To download the video to your device, tap the “Download” button next to the desired format.




FAQS For downloading youtube videos

Can I watch YouTube shorts on my desktop?
YouTube shorts currently only feature on mobile devices. They may or not offer desktop support in the future.


How long are the YouTube Shorts Videos?
The average length of a YouTube short video is under 60 seconds.


How can I copy the link to download a YouTube short?
1. Launch the YouTube program.
2. Select the brief video you want to download.
3. Look for the “Share” option on the bottom side and click it!
4. The option to Copy Link has now appeared in a popup. Hurray! Links were copied!


After downloading, where can I find the youtube video?

You can find the YouTube Shorts video you downloaded in File Manager’s ‘Download’ folder, or it will be saved to your gallery.


The YouTube Shorts video can now be viewed offline and shared with friends using Telegram, WhatsApp, or other instant messaging services.

It is not recommended to utilize the downloaded video for profit.


How to download YouTube Shorts videos on iPhone, laptop/ PC

The process to download YouTube Shorts videos on iPhone or laptop/ PC is pretty same as on the Android mobile phone.

Can downloaded YouTube Shorts videos be shared?
You may share YouTube Shorts videos as many times as you like, so long as you are not doing so for profit. However, we would encourage you to obtain the creator’s consent before posting the films on any social networking site.


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