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The 8 Best Agile tools for Project Managers

Are you a part of a dynamic team that switches between major and secondary roles frequently? You may be considering using an Agile project management method if you wish to keep the balance.

If your team depends on tools to support their workflow, you understand the necessity for them if you are a project manager and we bring to you the 8 best Agile tools for project managers.

Teams can complete tasks fast while maintaining the quality of the project by using Agile project management technologies. Before listing various Agile project management tools, let’s define the Agile methodology.

The 8 Best Agile tools for Project Managers
The 8 Best Agile tools for Project Managers

What are Agile Tools?

The definition of the word “Agile” according to its literal meaning is “able to move swiftly and effortlessly.” When we talk about Agile in terms of project management or software development, the same definition applies.

Agile tools can help teams become more efficient and effective when developing software. These tools can help teams to collaborate better, track progress, and manage deadlines.

Some of the most popular agile tools include Scrum, Kanban, and retrospectives.

The key objectives of this strategy are quick and early delivery, regular evaluation and adaptive planning, continual improvement, and adaptable responsiveness to change.

List of the 8 Best Agile tools for Project Managers

Here is a list of the 8 best Agile tools for project managers can use to accelerate decision-making below: 

1. Atlassian JIRA: 

One of the most well-known Agile project management tools ever developed and also 1st on our list of the 8 best agile tools for project managers is Atlassian JIRA.

The primary target markets for Atlassian JIRA are UI/UX designers, development teams, and IT specialists. You can use its fully scalable kanban scrum boards to integrate them into your team’s entire workflow.


Burnout charts, cumulative flow diagrams, velocity charts, epics reports, and sprint reports all present a real-time snapshot of where the team is at during any given sprint in addition to a basic backlog management system. You may manage custom filters by using the JIRA query language (JQL).

Additionally, depending on the needs of your team, you can combine it with developer tools and select from over a thousand different add-ons.

2. Asana: 

Agile teams can receive expectations from Asana, a popular collaboration tool, and set them. With the aid of the embedded messaging system and process management, which makes use of rules, forms, templates, and approvals, users of all levels may keep others informed of their progress.

Asana provides native messaging and communication facilities, in contrast to the other Agile collaboration solutions on this list that frequently interact with outside messaging platforms like Slack. But be aware that Asana integrates with Slack.

Asana does offer a free version of their software, but it is limited and doesn’t have things like reporting, an admin panel, or private team management.

3. Trello: 

One of the most well-known and well-liked project management tools out there is Trello. People are at least somewhat familiar with Trello’s user interface because so many of the apps you use already integrate with it. For instance, Chrome plug-ins can connect Trello to Gmail and the Pomodoro time management tool.

The Kanban framework used in Agile project management provides the foundation for Trello’s organizational structure. But Trello can also be used in conjunction with the Scrum methodology.

Trello visualizes each project using a board of drag-and-drop cards sorted into lists. With Trello cards, you can integrate other apps, add comments and attachments, create deadlines, use checklists, and apply due dates. The program is a sibling of Jira and is run by Atlassian.

The 8 Best Agile tools for Project Managers
The 8 Best Agile tools for Project Managers

4. Axosoft: 

A Scrum-based Agile project management tool is called Axosoft. Teams can utilize the interface to create plans and collaborate effectively to find and fix issues as they arise.

A Help Desk feature turns emails into support tickets. Through their own site, customers may interact directly with the team to make requests and offer comments.

It also comes with a team wiki, which gives you lots of room to exchange specifics and information about your projects.

The backlogs for each product are put together by Axosoft. Using the Release Planner, users can assign tasks, issues, and user stories and mark them as finished.

The burndown charts show how quickly the team is accomplishing the project’s goals. The Kanban method also includes a card view.

5. GitHub Project Management: 

Since it enables various team members—from your engineers to the product owner—to work on the same code at once, this Agile project management software integrates with many other technologies, making it a helpful tool for development teams.

Each team member can have their own private space on GitHub, and you can also have a public space where anyone can look through your code and provide comments.

Numerous Agile project management tools are also available on GitHub to help project managers keep track of what their teams are working on.

6. Hive: 

Google, Starbucks, Toyota, and Comcast are just a few of the remarkable list of companies who use the Agile project management application Hive.

It’s a product that takes great pleasure in its ability to support groups working in busy, fast-paced environments. From start-ups and creative firms to marketing and operational departments, every company should use it.

It provides a number of customizable views for monitoring projects, including Gantt charts, a Kanban board, table views, and calendar views.

Another helpful aspect of Hive is its extensive integration possibilities, which include JIRA, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and more.

7. ProofHub: 

An sophisticated and feature-rich Agile project management application called ProofHub is used by top enterprises. Teams can simply share ideas, gather papers, start dialogues, and move forward thanks to this collaborative tool.

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All the features and tools you’ll need to successfully complete projects utilizing the Agile technique are already built into the program. It is also appropriate for employing other project management methodologies, such as the critical path method (CPM), getting things done (GTD), etc., to manage your projects.

The ProofHub Gantt charts and Kanban boards can be used to streamline and arrange all project activity. Gantt charts, on the other hand, allow you to view a project’s timeline and ensure that all project work is finished on schedule.

8. Kanbanize: 

Kanbanize is a virtual workspace that combines business automation and Kanban-style features.

This Agile solution was created with scalability in mind and can be used to manage your software development projects, programs, tasks, and portfolios.

For Agile teams and businesses wishing to more efficiently prioritize work, manage various projects, and improve their business processes, this Kanban application is the go-to choice.

Team members can organize and see their daily work using this multifunctional system which is the last on our list of the 8 best Agile tools for project managers.

High-level projects and Scrum team efforts can be organized, broken down into smaller tasks, dependencies can be seen, and multiple cross-functional team procedures can be created.

The 8 Best Agile tools for Project Managers
The 8 Best Agile tools for Project Managers


As a project manager, you are well aware of how crucial it is to meet deadlines and that is why you need to know the 8 best Agile tools for project managers. These Agile tools can boost your team’s performance and skill level as well as your own. Agile project managers are constantly looking for project managers with a solid understanding of Agile and Scrum principles.

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