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Top World Universities rankings 2023

The new Top World Universities rankings 2023 evaluate 700 universities globally to ascertain their social and environmental impacts.

In order to accurately assess how well a university is doing when it comes to affecting good change for people and the environment, institutional impact is assessed across eight areas (or indicators).

The rankings can be a useful place to start when figuring out how ecologically and socially responsible a university is.

You can use the rankings to evaluate how your shortlisted universities fare or, if you’re determined to pursue a degree from a highly regarded sustainable university, you can begin your university search right here.

Top World Universities rankings 2023
Top World Universities rankings 2023

Overview: Top World Universities rankings 2023

This year’s ranking on top world universities rankings 2023 analysed over 121 million citations across more than 15.5 million research publications and included survey responses from 40,000 scholars globally.

Overall, we collected over 680,000 data points from more than 2,500 institutions that submitted data making this blog the largest and most diverse university rankings to date.

For the seventh year in a row, Oxford University topped the list. The University of Cambridge moves up from joint fifth rank last year to joint third, while Harvard University maintains its second-place position.

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The highest new entrant is Humanitas University of Italy, which is listed in the 201-250 range.

With 177 institutions, the US has the highest overall representation and the highest representation among the top 200 countries (58).

Five new nations, all of which are in Africa, are added to the ranking (Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Mauritius).

The teaching pillar is led by Harvard, and the research pillar is led by Oxford. The Macau University of Science and Technology is atop the global pillar.


List of Top World Universities rankings 2023

These are the universities that made our list of top world universities rankings 2023 below:

Top World Universities rankings 2023
Top World Universities rankings 2023

How to use the rankings in my university search

The rankings can help you gauge how seriously colleges are addressing sustainability, but they cannot influence your decision for you.

To determine what’s important to you, we advise you to look at the plans, initiatives, and actions listed on university websites.

Even though not every university in the globe provided information for the rankings, those that have a strong, obvious commitment to sustainability and social impact have been selected and included regardless of participation.

Two sections of the eight indicators used to calculate the Rankings take into account the relevant and important aspects that concern students.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact rankings in top world universities rankings 2023 show how a university is doing externally in terms of developing a sustainable institution, conducting pertinent and significant research, and integrating sustainability into the curriculum.

The sustainable institutions indicator takes into account whether a university belongs to recognized climate action or sustainability groups, has a sustainability strategy and energy emissions report that are available to the public, has student organizations that are dedicated to environmental sustainability, and has made a public commitment to becoming NetZero.


Social impact

How seriously do institutions take their responsibility for fostering greater equity, justice, and equality? The Rankings take into account both environmental impact and university impact on the most pressing social issues of the day.

The equality indicator rates institutions according to a number of factors, such as the percentage of female faculty and students, the accessibility of public equality, the diversity and inclusion policy, and the accessibility of disability support.


What to do next:

We advise exploring each university’s profile page on its own website to learn more about its individual policies and activities after using the rankings to gauge the impact each of your short-listed universities has on the environment and society.

The rankings are a good place to start, but you should also check out university websites, go to open houses, view videos, and talk to students about their experiences.

You (and no one else) can decide what’s best for your future once you’ve done all the research you can and realized what you hope to get out of your time at the listed universities.


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